About the Artist


I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, attended Cretin High School, and the University of Minnesota, where I studied painting under the the Art Department chairman Peter Busa.  During my final year at the University I learned  Hans Hofman’ died. His passing had a big impact on me as I was was studying his book “The Color Problem in Pure Painting” for my final term paper.  His thoughts and works have been a major influence on my art.

While in college I became assistant to Peter Seitz, Walker Art Center's first design curator.  In the early 70s I was elected president of the Minnesota Chapter of Artist's Equity.  I earned my Master of Fine Arts Degree from Syracuse University in New York in 1977 and subsequently spent several years in the advertising field, first with the BBDO agency (think MAD MEN), then with several technology companies. I have been painting full time since 1998. and currently reside in Las Vegas.


Left: Me at the 1971 Artist’s Equity Conference in Boulder, Colorado talking with the Southern California chapter representative. 

My latest book is available from  Amazon.com Click image to order. 

Colors Square Routes Book

A solo exhibition of hard-edge paintings at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine art preceded the the publication of a book on these paintings.

I currently live in Las Vegas and paints full-time.

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Michael Griesgraber


Michael Griesgraber


University of Minnesota

Studio Arts (1974 BFA)

Syracuse University

Design  (1977 MFA)



Favorite Journals:

Art in America, Art News, Modern Painters, art ltd., Smithsonian

Favorite Quote:

“Seek for the boldest color possible, content is irrelevant.”

              Henri Matisse

Favorite Vacation Spots:

Minneapolis / St. Paul, California Coast from San Diego to San Francisco, New York City, Maui, London, Paris, Singapore, Bali

A Few Favorite Songs:

Paint It Black

The Rolling Stones

Mary Call

Joan Baez

What’s Go’in On

Mavin Gaye

Nobody Does It Better

Carly Simon

Tight Rope

Leon Russell

If You Gotta Go, Go Now

Bob Dylan